2017-2018 Programs & Workshops

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Workshop Manners [pdf file]


September 5-7, 2017 - Jane Sauer

Workshop starting Wednesday - Artists Practices / Questions and Answers

Cost for each one day workshop: $40

There is NO SUPPLY LIST for either day of workshops

September, Lecture: Textiles Arts: Past/Present/Future
Who were the pioneers of textile arts? What is happening now in the world of textile arts and what might the future hold? Jane will provide captivating history, current events and discuss exciting possibilities via emerging textile artists who are just embarking on their art practice.

Bio: Since graduating Washington University School of Art in 1959, Jane Sauer has had a long and varied career devoted to the arts. She was a studio artist from 1960 until 2002 being awarded 2 major NEA grants, a Missouri Artists Grant and other smaller grants. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Her work is in 24 museums in the USA and abroad. She served on the Board of Trustees of the American Craft Council from 1992-2000 becoming Chair of the Board in 1997. She has also served on the board of Craft Emergency Fund, National Council for the School of Art, Washington University, and Advisory Board to the University of Santa Fe, plus numerous other Boards and Advisory committees.

In 2001 she became artistic director of Thirteen Moons Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, purchasing it in 2005 and changing the name to Jane Sauer Gallery. In 2014 she sold the gallery and formed Sauer Art Consultants. During the course of her career she has given many lectures, curated numerous exhibits, and juried shows, fellowships and grants. She helps guide artists of all types to feel more secure in judging their own art and assists them in finding direction. Jane is part of the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institute of American Art, Washington, DC, an Honorary Fellow of American Craft, and was awarded Distinguished Alumni Award, Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

Workshop Description: Artists Practices/ Questions and Answers
What are my goals in making art? Do I want to sell or purely enjoy the making? How do I bring balance between my art and the rest of my life? So many questions, so little time! Learn just about everything you need to know about how to display and photograph your work, enter a juried show, contact/work with galleries and other exhibition spaces and much more. Jane will give a series of presentations with many opportunities for Q and A and lively discussion sure to inspire.

Thursday workshop: A Fresh Look – Critiquing Your Work
Whether you are an established artist, or just starting out, talking to a sympathetic expert and participating in group discussion can be very helpful in gaining a new perspective on your work. A critique workshop can have a galvanizing effect, leading you to new levels of commitment or understanding of yourself and your work. This will be a day in which each participant will have the opportunity to present a minimum of 3 pieces of their work and receive feedback from Jane and others in the group in a safe and warm environment. Each participant will be asked to bring at least 3 pieces of their art and be prepared to talk about their art practice and their desires about that art.



October 3-5, 2017 - Stephen Pittelkow

Workshop starting Tuesday & Wednesday - Marbling on Paper and Silk - FULL [Please e-mail Workshop Registrar to be placed on the waiting list]

Second Marbeling on Paper & Silk added on 17 & 18 October. Contact Workshop Registrar (sylviadresser @ gmail.com) to register.

Thursday workshop: Elegan & Useful Softbound Books - NO SUPPLY LIST - FULL [Please e-mail Workshop Registrar to be placed on the waiting list]

Cost - October 3-4 Workshop - $115

October 5 workshop - $55

Supply List:


Fatigue Mat recommended due to the amount of standing required for the class.

October, Lecture: A Brief History of Decorative Paper
From block printing to marbling, suminagashi to chiyogami, this talk will show the evolution of many types of decorative paper still manufactured today. Steve will provide a demonstration of his marbling process. Along the way, we’ll see how book artists and others are using beautiful papers in their work.

Bio: Steve Pittelkow will join us to share his expertise in the traditional art of Turkish Marbling. Steve has been binding books as a hobby since the age of 15. His interest in marbled paper stems from a longtime desire to personalize his own bookbinding with distinctive papers. He teaches extensively and enjoys revealing the secrets for successful marbling. Paper marbling offers a fascinating and magical method for decorating paper and fabric. This technique dates back hundreds of years. Colors are floated on a liquid bath and then manipulated using combs, rakes, brushes or other implements to create intricate patterns. The pattern is then transferred to a prepared sheet of paper or fabric. The results are truly magical! Over the years, he has experimented with a wide variety of paints and papers in a quest for materials that allow students a rich and satisfying marbling experience. He has taught at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Penland School of Crafts, The Morgan Conservatory, and countless colleges, universities, and book arts centers in the United States and Europe. Steve’s papers appear in museum collections and are used by binders and book artists nationally and internationally. Steve is happy to return to NSNG as he enjoyed the eagerness of our students several years ago and we look forward to welcoming him back!

Workshop Description:

Tuesday and Wednesday Workshop (1 1/2 days): Marbling on Paper and Silk
Marbling offers a great opportunity to study both pattern and color. In this class, students will learn all aspects of acrylic paint marbling from mixing paint to perfecting intricate designs. We’ll start at the beginning and move through both historic and contemporary patterns, creating a portfolio of fine papers for use in many projects. In addition to many sheets of paper, students will also marble a silk scarf.

Thursday Workshop: Elegant and Useful Softbound Books
Not everything is stored electronically these days. In this fast paced class, we’ll explore several styles of softbound books—some dating to 15th century Italy. Students will use leather, thread, and a bit of glue to create useful and beautiful books with decorative spines and covers. Perfect for journaling, drawing, photo collections, and countless other uses, these little gems will find a permanent place in your book shelves. Each participant will receive a special bookbinding needle as well as templates for further work. Made with easily available materials, these books will certainly inspire your creativity.


November 7-9, 2017 - Barbara Wisnoski

Website: www.barbarawisnoski.com

2 1/2 day Workshop starting Tuesday - Repurposing Old Clothing and Fabric, Precious or Not.

Cost: $110

(Supply List) [pdf file]

Student Supplies List:
Don’t buy a thing: from your rag bag to your precious stash of vintage cloth and clothing memorabilia (read: prom dress! wedding dress!), please bring your old textiles to use for your project, as many or as little as you wish. You are encouraged (but not required) to bring meaningful items that you are prepared to experiment with. Note: thick fabrics or knits are not recommended as they are difficult to sew by machine.

Other supplies and equipment:
Portable sewing machine and accessories (task lamp, extra machine needles, thread cutter) Scissors
Threads, any colour, Notebook and pen/pencil
Any other art and textile supplies for techniques you may wish to incorporate.

November, Lecture: In Praise of Sloppiness
In this lecture, you will discover an inspiring range of work by contemporary artists who ignore the rules of traditional technique and rip, tear, slash, burn, crush or otherwise destroy as an integral part of their creative process. Barbara will also present an overview of her own textile art practice and recent body of work, known for its subtle colour palette and “sloppy” aesthetic, as well as her recent curatorial projects. She will share details of the technique she has developed to create her densely textured bas-relief murals and installations.

Bio: Montreal artist Barbara Wisnoski is a visual and tactile artist who creates 2.5D textile wall installations from recycled fabrics and clothing. These intensely textured, undulating and emotional surfaces engage the senses with satisfying physicality and the comfort of a deeply familiar medium. Her artwork honors the memory embodied in clothing and the absurdity of repetitive labour and dwells happily in the gaps between art, craft and design. Barbara has a BFA in Fibres, a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Art History. She has co-curated the 2015
Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf, a major textile art exhibition held near Quebec. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, United States, France, Ukraine, China and Korea and is in the permanent collection of Quebec’s Museum of Civilization.

Workshop Description: Repurposing Old Clothing and Fabric, Precious or Not
This workshop will focus on your scrap heap and overflowing closet: whether it’s a precious family heirloom that’s becoming a burden or a favourite old garment that’s too stained, threadbare or moth-eaten to wear, bring your fabrics with a history that you want to honour or otherwise deal with, and join Barbara in two days of creative destruction. Be prepared to cut them up, draw on them or otherwise transform them with your own touch. Barbara will guide students through her technique for creating textural surfaces. Participants will learn about her process of choosing a colour palette and have the opportunity to experiment with the technique for a larger project to be finished at home, or to create a smaller finished piece by developing their own ‘destructive/constructive’ intervention for their chosen textile item. This workshop is open to all sewing levels.


December - Holiday Party & Pot Luck lunch. Starts at 11am

There is an optional gift exchange.

This is also when we present our annual project


January 9-11, 2018 - Catherine Redford

Website: catherineredford.com

Workshop starting Wednesday - Wool Appliqué with Dimensional Embroidery Embellishment

Cost: $115

Supply List - Scissors. Task lamp (optional)


January, Lecture: Trip Around the World in Folk Art Stitches Mankind has an innate urge to create. Evidence for this exists wherever we might travel in the world. Using a series of embroideries inspired by the folk art of different cultures and combined into small quilts we’ll enjoy a quick trip around the globe, encompassing virtually every continent, without leaving our seats! Humorous and informative, listen carefully and you might win a prize.

Bio: Born and raised in Northwest England, Catherine learned to knit and sew as a child. Three years after her family moved to Naperville, Illinois in 1995, Catherine discovered quilting when she took a class at a local quilt store, and the rest is history. A class with Phil Beaver in 2005 challenged her to take her art further and she now creates more of her own original pieces. After taking many different classes locally her style could be described as “eclectic” but she is perhaps best known for her originality and innovation when completing projects, particularly in the realm of free-motion quilting and embellishment. She believes we all have an innate need to create in some sphere of our lives, being made in the image of a creator God. Quilting and embellishing is her outlet of choice. She shares her love of quilting as an inspiration to others. She has found that as she passes on the knowledge she has gained on her journey she learns more tips and techniques that take her still further. Today she is a sought-after
quilting teacher and speaker. Her quilts have won awards at national shows, including a first place ribbon at the inaugural QuiltCon in Austin, TX. She is an active member of PAQA (the Professional Art Quilt Alliance) and co-founder of the Naperville Modern Quilters Guild. Catherine has appeared on Quilting Arts TV, is a regular contributor to Modern Patchwork magazine, and is the author of two Modern Machine Quilting QATV workshop DVDs and a book on the same subject just published by Fons and Porter. Catherine and her husband still live in suburban Naperville.

Workshop Description: Wool Appliqué with Dimensional Embroidery Embellishment
Learn the techniques required for successful whipstitch wool appliqué while working on a small project that can be finished into a needle case or pin cushion. Add fun and interesting embroidery stitches and beads to embellish and add dimension to your project. (Beginners through advanced stitchers welcome!)



February 6-8, 2018 - Natasha Lehrer Lewis

Website: www.natashalehrerlewis.com

Workshop starting Wednesday - Nuno Felt Fantasia: Discovering the Magic of Wearable Art

Cost: $200

(Supply List) [pdf file]

February, Lecture: Inside the Mind of the Artist
Natasha has a conviction about the world around her and the rural lifestyle she has come to hold dear. It is the vast and endless sky, the sweeping horizon, the feeling you have when you’ve completed a day’s work and you can look back with fulfillment and contentment. In her lecture, she will share her goals as a fiber artist in rural America to capture that emotion and broaden the depth and meaning of her pieces.

Bio: Natasha has a great passion for connecting the worlds of fiber art, agriculture and education. She works with the wool that is a gift from the sheep on her farm and sews, felts and embellishes her way to beautiful 2D and 3D creations. Her wearable art is truly a labor of love and embodies her 'sheep to chic' ethic! She hopes to inspire others at her fiber arts studio, Esther’s Place, in Big Rock, IL. Here people come to learn, share and be a part of the community of fiber enthusiasts. Her work has been exhibited throughout the US and in Verona, Italy and has received many awards. She teaches throughout the midwest, to groups, organizations and schools including the Chicago Botanic Garden, National Art Educator's Conference, Waubonsee Community College and many more.

Workshop Description: Nuno Felt Fantasia: Discovering the Magic of Wearable Art

During this two day workshop, Natasha will lead you through the design, felting, construction and fitting of a nuno felted vest. Students will learn, laugh, dream and stretch their creativity while making a one-of-a-kind art wearable. One piece of nuno felted yardage will be fashioned into a minimal-sewing vest where the elements of silk and nuno felt dance in harmony.

Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and bring four old bath towels, a small old hand towel, fabric scissors, a sewing machine with a fine needle and threads, pins, measuring tape, vest from your closet (optional for pattern inspiration)


March 6-8, 2018 - Heidi Parkes

Website: www.heidiparkes.com
Instagram: @heidi.parkes

2 1/2 day Workshop starting Tuesday - Piecing as Painting (piecing, handwork techniques, and hand quilting)

Cost: $115

(Supply List) [pdf file]

March, Lecture: The Process and Philosophy of Making my Quilts
Heidi's introduction to the world of quilting began with the gift of a quilt that was made by her maternal grandmother when she was born. Her work continues a family tradition, even as she adds her own contemporary twist to her creations. In this lecture, Heidi will share her many inspirations and take us along with her on her journey of exploration and improvisation in the world where fabric meets art.

Bio: Heidi Parkes is a fiber artist in Milwaukee, WI and a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Her work is focused on hand quilting and mending.
Heidi’s art explores domestic life, location, and the passage of time. When designing a quilt, Heidi works at a design wall to view her fabrics much like a painter at an easel. Her focus is on making contemporary art. She pieces and quilts in an improvisational style. This tradition is well known in ‘The Quilts of Gee’s Bend,’ and they are often referred to as having a jazz aesthetic in their art. By improvising, when she begins a quilt, she knows the general direction in which she plans to work, but she has not pre-planned, sketched in detail, or gridded the design in advance. Much like an abstract expressionist painter, she reacts to the work as she's creating it.

Some common themes in her quilts are those of mapping, memory, and color field work. She uses fabric and shapes to abstractly represent landscapes and places. She uses found textiles to incorporate histories and memories in the art. She is also influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi to collaborate with nature and happily "allow" things to happen when dying her fabric and when hand quilting. Heidi speaks to quilt guilds, teaches workshops, and has several podcast interviews available on iTunes.

Workshop Description: Piecing as Painting (piecing, handwork techniques, and hand quilting)
Join Heidi Parkes to learn a more painterly approach to your piecing. Heidi is keenly aware of the contemporary art world, and often looks to the process of painting for inspiration. Texture, color, concept, abstraction, passion, and materiality can all be explored in both mediums. Visit an art museum, watch PBS Art 21, or flip through an art history book to prepare mentally for this class. Heidi will talk through her artistic process, and meet with students one-on-one. Her Tuesday lecture will cover concept development. In the afternoon we will discuss our inspiration/ homework, and Heidi will demonstrate several techniques. On day 2, we will begin piecing our quilts, and Heidi will work with students to further investigate ideas and and techniques. On day
3, Heidi will demonstrate hand quilting techniques, and we will practice hand quilting and continue piecing at our own pace. All levels are welcome in this fun and rewarding class.


April 3-5, 2018 - Elizabeth St Hilaire

Website: www.paperpaintings.com

2 1/2 day Workshop starting Tuesday - Painted Paper - FULL [Please e-mail Workshop Registrar to be placed on the waiting list]

Cost: $225

(Supply List) [pdf file]

April, Lecture: Paper Painting Collage
Many years ago, when Elizabeth's father rescued a scrap box of childhood mementos from the attic, she decided to find a way to incorporate these sentimental papers, notes and snippets of her family’s past into something both memorable and beautiful. Thus her career in collage was born. We will learn how her technique has evolved through the years as a result of experimentation with hand-painted, hand-made, and a wide variety of textured and patterned papers. In her work, she highlights the extraordinary within the ordinary, focusing on intense and vibrant colors combined with a sensibility of design. Her collages invite the viewer to look, and having looked, to linger. Elizabeth will share her journey and love of collage that started long ago.

Bio: Born and raised in New England, Elizabeth is an award winning collage artist who has now lived in Florida for over 25 years. She holds a BFA in advertising design from Syracuse University. Her very first collage piece won Best of Show for the first time at Orlando Visual Artists League in 2005, and for a second time at the Women’s Caucus for Arts’ Matriarchs and Madonnas exhibit in 2007. The success of that piece plunged her head-first into her love affair with collage. Elizabeth uses torn pieces of paper to create energetic artworks that are fun, humorous, colorful and most importantly always filled with emotion. From a distance, her work can look like an impressionist painting, but take a close look and you will see bright, printed snippets of all sorts of hand made and hand painted collage papers. Her fresh color aesthetic lends itself to the delightful subject matter of peacocks, sea turtles, and cows, not to mention her glorious flowers and still lives. Having a natural business sense as well as talent, Elizabeth's ‘paintings and designs’ may be found on gift items such as calendars, journals and prints including international stores like Pier One Imports allowing this Artist to enjoy both the creativity – and the “business” of being an Artist in the 21st Century. In addition to working as a graphic designer, she travels the country giving workshops on representational collage.

Workshop Description: Workshop (2 1/2 days): Painted Paper
Paper Paintings is an intense workshop in which you are taught a unique figurative collage technique. You will explore hand painting your own papers with a variety of techniques to create a beautiful palette of colors. Enjoy splattering, stamping, printing, dry brushing, crumpling, and staining papers that will be collaged over an underpainting in a painterly manner. You will
explore drawing, composition, proportion, value, color, and collage application. Emphasis will be on developing form using light and shadow, just like in traditional painting techniques. No prior collage experience is necessary. Some painting experience would be helpful, but not imperative. This workshop is for both new and returning students. We will have a great time learning, laughing and painting!


May 8-10, 2018 - Carol Naylor

Website: www.carolnaylor.co.uk

2 1/2 day Workshop starting Tuesday - The Land We Know

Cost: $150

(Supply List) [pdf file]

May, Lecture: 'Crossing Boundaries' From hand to machine- Carol will share how her own work has developed over time, focusing on the usage of stitch techniques, colours, threads and materials, and the translation of imagery to create a painterly approach to textiles. A once reluctant embroiderer, she is now passionate about what she does! A talk with some slides, lots of work to look at and sketchbooks as well.

Bio: UK artist Carol Naylor creates exquisitely machine embroidered textiles for public and private venues. Her many lines of stitching in a variety of threads cause undulations in the base fabric which adds to the subtle texture and becomes an integral part of her creative process. Carol looks to her native English countryside, as well as her travels for her inspiration. By stitching directly onto painter's canvas with a wide range of rayon, cotton, wool and metallic threads, she expresses the great beauty of the surrounding landscape. Drawing is an essential part of Carol's process and she is an avid sketchbook keeper! Before she can begin to think about making a textile piece, she makes a series of drawings in her sketchbook. Sometimes it is the very first drawing that becomes the starting point, but she cannot know that until having worked through several ideas. A very quick sketch or a memory drawing can be just the thing to provide the groundwork for one of her breathtaking masterpieces. She then heads to her sewing machine to begin to build layer upon layer of machine stitching, often sewing from the backside of the fabric. Carol's work has been featured in many publications around the world. She has exhibited and taught throughout the UK, in the US, New Zealand, France and Portugal.

Her work has been purchased for public and corporate collections and by many private clients worldwide.

Workshop Description: The Land We Know
The landscapes of Europe and the US are some of the most varied and beautiful in the world. Carol has long taken inspiration from landscapes known to her at home and away. When a landscape is familiar to us, perhaps seen in different seasons, we notice the forms, variations, colours and textures, and it becomes much easier to make a connection through textiles. Working from photos or drawings of landscapes you have seen, we will use intensive machine stitching to make lovely sweeps of line and colour. We will experiment, play, draw with our machine, and gradually throughout the course you will develop your own ideas, choosing which techniques to use that best suit you. Those of you with less experience or just starting out will be able to take things at your own pace. Through simple design sessions, and by looking at qualities of colour, tone and line, and the balance between foreground and distance, you will create a unique piece of textile art that brings all of these elements together. This course is suitable for students of all levels.




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